Tuesday, 27 September 2011

25 Things About Me

(originally written 2nd February 2009)

1) My eldest son was 10 today, 2nd February, Groundhog Day - I felt old today, I felt old yesterday and I'll feel old tomorrow. He shares his birthday with James Joyce and Data from Star Trek.

2) I've never read Ulysses - how far can one man travel in a day, anyway?

3) I've seen all the episodes of Star Trek, The Next Generation - how far can one man travel in a day!!

4) Our two boys went back to school today after having last week off due to heating problems in their 100 year old primary school and I let out a sigh of relief that could have been heard from space.

5) The school phoned today at 1pm asking that we collect the kids as the boiler had broken down again and they would be off until at least Wednesday - in space, no one can hear you scream!

6) The last word I ever remember miss-spelling was liaison. I missed out one of the I's. Oh, the shame.

7) My eldest son and my father are both better footballers than me.

8) My father is 62!

9) I have a genuine affection for the novel "To Serve Them All My Days" by R.F.Delderfield and often wonder if the transformation of the main character really does mirror the inter war years in Great Britain or whether I have an underlying interest in public school buggery.

10) I have noticed as the years have progressed that, whilst I have less tolerance for people in general, my reaction to their perceived idiosyncrasies lessens as the years roll by. The fight or flight response has never seen such mismatched synchronicity.

11) I waffle sometimes.

12) I am shy. This outwardly manifests itself in many ways. I am loud, open and gregarious in equal measures. Not immediately indicative of a shy guy, I'm sure you'll agree, but they're a helluva cloak.

13) I waffle often.

14) I would cut off my right hand if it meant Liverpool Football Club were to win the league this year. I would not have done this 25 years ago as Liverpool were winning everything in sight and my right hand and I had an understanding.

15) I am left-handed yet right-footed.

16) I could still "do a job" as centre- half for any team stupid enough to pick me.

17) If I don't apply some sort of wax/cream/gel to my hair after washing it I look like a 6ft dandelion.

18) My daughter, Poppy, is the most beautiful little girl in the world.

19) Anybody who has a baby thinks that their child is the most beautiful in the world. Between the last two statements I'm sure is a blueprint to end all war. Only send fathers to fight who have small children...oh no, we do that already!

20) I am turning into an apolitical animal as I get older. My fear and loathing of ALL politicians knows no boundary.

21) I vote at every election out of a sense of duty/guilt to all the people who have died defending our freedom. I eat greens as that was also drilled into me as a child.
If dead men dont talk, as the saying goes, then that's me sorted I suppose and Derek Acorah fucked !!

23) I love to write about feelings and experiences but the Far Cotton in me means I rarely speak of them.

24) I was born on Peter Cooks 30th birthday.

25) My favourite colour is 7.

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